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Plush Is Made From Wool Or Sheep And It Has Smooth Fibers, Easy Stretch, And Won’t Cling Uncomfortably To Your Body Like Other Fabrics! Trust Us, Your Day Will Look Much Better Than Yesterday!

It’s Like You Wear Cloud On Your Head, The Softness Of The Material Is Inevitable. It Picks From Fibres That Produces Beautiful Silky Sheen, It Acts Like Insulator, Anti-Static And Wool Lasts & Timeless! The Best Part Is, Wool Is From Natural Fibre, Thus It’s Renewable & Sustainable To The Earth!

Introduce Our Drawstring Pouch Bag Now Are Made From 100% Plant Fibres And Comes With Each Purchase Of Plush Collection. Much More Durable, Eco-Friendly, Re-Use This Pouch Bag For Your Onions, Carrots, And Much More! Most Importantly It’s Sustainable

And We Are Swapping Our Mailer To Eco-Friendly! This Initiative To Reduce The Usage Of Plastic Cause We Know Plastic Is Not Biodegradable And Harmful To The Earth Especially Ocean . Hence, We Imported Our Mailer Wayyyy From Us! It’s Made From Plant Specifically From Corn And Good News Is It’s 100% Compostible.

2.2m X 1m

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